Tips to Great Logo Design for Your Custom Graphics

Posted on April 15, 2016

So, you’ve been considering a change in your logo design to better fit promotional products and have been looking for shops that can help you with custom graphics in New Hampshire. Knowing you need an update is the first big step in a great decision, but logo design is tricky. Red Brick Clothing has a few tips for you to ensure your new logo looks great and brings in the right kind of business for you.

Relevant to your business. Though some logo designs might sound awesome to you, they must match your company well. Logos often represent a business’ characteristics and goals, and with this connect creates a trust between your services and customers.Bears Sketch

Keep it simple. The most famous logos in the world are relatively simple in design. From wording to color and shape, they are muted and unassuming. Though a complex logo can grad the attention of a potential customer, it can be overwhelming and impact business.

Go classic, not trendy. Remember when Comic Sans was a super popular font trend? We do, and we know that though trends can sound great at the time, they can often make your company look dated in only a few years’ time. Find a balance between timeless and fresh.

Adaptable to different products. Lastly, being able to use your logo on a variety of surfaces means you can invest in a number of promotional products. Creating a logo design that can be moved from hard to soft surfaces can be tricky, but it can be done.

Red Brick Clothing Company has professionals in-house that can help you make all of the right decisions for your business and for your design. With our consultation, we can make a plan for your custom graphic design in NH that is right for your budget and will look great. Give us a call today at (855) 718-4100.