Tips for Buying Custom Sports Uniforms

Posted on September 6, 2016

Let’s face it, if it’s your first year working with or coaching a sports team, you might be a little overwhelmed when looking to buy uniforms in MA. With so many options to choose from, it is a daunting task! Red Brick Clothing wants to help you make this decision as easy as possible and have a few tips for creating and buying your new uniforms.


Depending on the sport and competitive level, you might find yourself looking for specific materials for your uniforms, or opt for a regular cotton shirt with screen printing. Consider what your team needs to be able to perform well before deciding.

Team UniformsColor

If you’re not coaching a school sport, you might have free range of color choices! The biggest suggestion often made are to choose complimentary colors that will not be easily confused with your competitors.


Whether you design on your own or work with a professional, creating an awesome graphic for your uniforms creates a positive and lasting impression. When you look good and feel good, it can give a confidence boost on the field.


The last thing anyone wants is to receive their uniforms before their first game to find the sizes are off. Be sure to consult the size-charts available on your screen printing website and if possible, visit the shop yourself to get a better understanding of their sizes.

Extra apparel

For some outdoor sports, you’ll notice that they might have extra apparel like hats or socks. Be sure your team is prepared for their first games of the season and are stocked up with all the extras to do well.

Whether you’re searching for a more professional uniform or simply considering custom t-shirts in MA, Red Brick Clothing has any option you could possibly need to make a great first impression with your new team. With questions about our products or services, please call our experts today at (866) 718-4100.