Three Steps to Outstanding Uniforms in MA

Posted on October 5, 2015

uniforms-ma            So, you need uniforms in MA but don’t want your team, league, or business to look like your grandfather’s fraternity bowling squad. Understandable. At Red Brick Clothing, we make uniforms using the most modern equipment and techniques, embroidering or printing your team’s logo or art on finished garment at a reasonable cost.

And since we want you to look fresh, professional, and ready to compete, we’ve offered some tips on how to decide what your uniform will look like.

ONE: Pick a color scheme. Depending on your financial means and the intended image of your team or league, you might want a simple two-color scheme with one prominent color and a secondary color (usually white) that will serve as your lettering and numbering. If you’re looking for a fancier design, you might add a third color to accent your design, text, or other areas of the uniform. Your uniform will serve as the identity of your team, so you want colors that represent the characteristics you are trying to convey. For example, red can represent boldness and strength, particularly if it’s paired with black, but it can also symbolize professionalism, especially when paired with white.

If your uniforms are for a business, it’s important to keep it modest and consistent. You want to stand out from other companies but maintain a vibe that represents your industry.

TWO: Design a killer logo. This is how you’re going to be remembered. If you hire someone to create the art for you, make sure they have an idea of the message you’re trying to convey or the ideals you want to symbolize. Your logo should demand immediate respect but not be too overwhelming. Above all, you want to be original. Make your team or business memorable by designing a logo unlike anything anyone has ever seen. A logo shouldn’t remind someone of one of your competitors; it should stand out as something you – and only you – represent. If you need help designing your logo or want some pointers on how to perfect it, just ask us. We have talented artists on staff with the expertise to optimize the vision you have for your logo and maximize your graphic potential.

THREE: Find a trusted and proven company to make your uniforms. Now this one is easy. All you have to do is call Red Brick Clothing, provide all the information we’ll need about your uniforms, and we’ll give you a highly reasonable quote. Plus, we ship UPS ground so you can get your products without moving a muscle. Our staff will make you the envy of your competitors with the highest standard of quality and style around for uniforms in MA.

If you have any questions visit our FAQ page or call us at (866) 718-4100.