T-Shirt Design Don’ts

Posted on September 20, 2016

Custom t-shirts in MA are a fun and exciting way to work in a different form of branding into your business plan. Red Brick Clothing loves when our customers come in with new ideas for uniforms or t-shirts to sell in-stores, and we have seen all the successes and fails. This has helped us learn a thing or two about the don’ts when it comes to creating t-shirt designs, and we love to keep our readers informed.

Make artwork that doesn’t represent your businessCustom T-Shirt Online Quote

If you’re new to branding with t-shirts or are just starting a new business, be sure your designs are expressive of your services. Small personal touches are great, but staying in theme with your industry can go a long way.

Venture too far from your current brand

When you have an established business, t-shirts are a great to add to your advertising. The only thing you want to do is be sure that your new designs mesh well with your old. Consistency with a business is key, and you want brand recognition to be one of your first priorities.

Send low-quality art files to your screen printer

If you’re unable to sit down directly with your screen printer and go over your designs, be sure you send over the highest quality design possible! Be confident in the files you send, and that your screen printer will be able to appropriately adapt your artwork to their machines.

Luckily, Red Brick Clothing is a screen printing company near Massachusetts that has multiple services, including design assistance! If you find yourself struggling to come up with the updated logo for your business or need help making your ideas come to life, our experts are more than happy to help you. With more questions, please call us today at (866) 718-4100.