Screen Printing or Embroidery: What Uniforms Do You Need?

Posted on July 19, 2016

Baseball and softball are just starting to warm up inCustom T-Shirts NH New England and before you know it, parents and coaches will be looking to update their sports uniforms in NH and MA for the upcoming season. Some might be weight the need for screen printing or embroidery in Massachusetts for their players, and Red Brick Clothing company know that this decision is often based off of price. Depending on your team and league, one option might more sense than the others, and we have a few considerations to think about when making this decision.


  • Associated with quality. It isn’t uncommon when others look at embroidery, they often associate the style with a different kind of quality. As embroidery takes time and precise stitching and are often, these might be linked with school teams.
  • Durable. If you’re searching for uniforms that can be used year after year, embroidery is a great investment. In the long run, this decision can save you money as the quality of shirt and materials far outlast other options.
  • Used on sport-specific shirts. Uniforms with embroideries are often printed on baseball and softball designed uniform shirts. Teams in higher leagues with fewer players will more likely use this option than recreational teams.

Screen Printing:

  • Inexpensive.Screen printing, especially with shops like Red Brick, offer competitive prices because we know many customers are on a budget! Screen printing offers an affordable option to printing multiple shirts at a variety of sizes.
  • Leaves room for sponsors. If your team received a helping hand from a local business to afford uniforms, screen printing is an awesome way to offer advertising. Not only are you able to have the design you want, a small space dedicated to their contribution is a great tradeoff for compensation.
  • Used often on t-shirts. If you’re searching for a simplistic
    design and shirt style, screen printing could be perfect for you. Whether you choose short or long sleeve shirts, you can find a style that works for your team and is also functional.

Regardless if you need screen printing or embroidery in Massachusetts, Red Brick Clothing is here to help you through every step of the process. With more questions about our services, give us a call today at (855) 718-4200.