Reasons to Wear School Gear

Posted on August 31, 2016

Custom Art Samples - CampbellWhenever you’re searching for a screen printing company near Massachusetts to create some apparel, have you ever considered what it could be like to invest in designs for your school? Though it might seem like a small gesture or idea, there are more than enough reasons to create a school store with Red Brick Clothing

It’s a new item in your wardrobe

After being in school for years and years and wearing the same seven or eight outfits, aren’t you ready for a change? School apparel is not only affordable; it adds to your usual wardrobe when you take the time to come up with some really awesome designs.

It can raise money to support your school

Are you looking to raise some cash for a fundraiser? Red Brick Clothing will work with you to ensure your apparel is marked up to meet your goals and we will right you a check when the store is closed! Give back to your community in a simple way with us.

It is important for school spirit

Maybe you don’t have very much to choose from in your current school store or maybe you’re in need of new designs. What better way to bring your classmates together than with awesome t-shirts to wear to games and on spirit day?

We create more than just custom t-shirts in MA, Red Brick Clothing even has online stores for businesses and schools! Pick your designs and items and we do the rest of the work for you. Fill out all the required information on this forum and one of our online consultants will get back to you as soon as possible!

With more questions about how we can help with your school spirit, call our experts today at (866) 718-4100.