Prepare For Graduation with Custom Class Shirts

Posted on April 2, 2016

Spring is almost here and that means graduation is just around the corner! No matter if you’re graduating from high school or a local college, this is a huge accomplishment and we should celebrate your success. Often times a graduating class will be presented with gifts from their schools, and there are so many awesome products to choose from. Class shirts are one of the most popular items, and if you’re searching for the perfect place to consider screen printing around Massachusetts, look no further than Red Brick Clothing.

Custom T-Shirt Online QuoteCustom t-shirt design is a great way to get creative and make a memory unique to your school experience, but it’s also important to encompass what your school spirit is all about! Two of the best ways to incorporate your school spirit is through color and mascot design. Often times, schools will have a mix of two colors, and one will be used for the base while the other for the screen printing.

What is often most important is making the shirt unique to your class! We have worked with schools in the past who have redesigned their logos, have printed student signatures, and more. We love working with creative students and staff to come up with appropriate, exciting graphics that will be shared with every graduate to wear and remember.

One of the best parts of screen printing is that you will find exactly what you’re searching for. Red Brick offers a selection of t-shirt and sweatshirt styles, and use a range of brands to fit every need and budget. We want our customers to receive the best quality results possible, and that is accomplished through a large selection.

Has your class decided that you want to do something different than a custom t-shirt in MA for your class gift? Luckily, Red Brick Clothing has plenty of promotional product choices where we can print colored logo designs. For more questions about your options, please call us today at (866) 718-4100.