Why Photo Resolution Matters

Posted on January 24, 2017

Even if you have never worked for a company that created custom t-shirts near MA, we have all dealtScreen Printing NH with the struggle photo resolution has given us while printing an image on a piece of paper. Your photo quality might be okay on the computer, but as soon as it comes through your printer, you realize that it appears pixelated and blurry.

The same concept applies to screen printing and the importance of providing your screen printer with the best quality images of your design or logo. Not only does this make their jobs significantly easier, but it also allows them the opportunity to create a fantastic piece of clothing that will represent you or your brand well.

Most commonly, screen printers will request you send your images in a vector format. Vector images are created using mathematical formulas, which allows your images to more flexibility to be easily resized/altered. So easy in fact, you can adjust your vector to the size you desire for your clothing and send that to your screen printer.

Vector images can be created on vector-based software, such as Adobe Illustrator. If you have worked with or plan on working with a graphic designer to create your logo or design, then ask for a master file of your vector images to ensure you have a copy of your original stored somewhere safe.

Luckily, if you have yet to create your ideal logo or design images on a computer to be used for screen printing, companies like Red Brick Clothing offer those services! Take advantage of our professional artwork services to create a stunning and unique look for your custom t-shirts in NH. We would love to be a part of your event or company’s growth through quality promotional products like uniforms and customer shirts.

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