Why Go Local for Screen Printing?

Posted on June 27, 2017

No matter if you are new to your city or have lived there for years, there are always new local businesses custom t-shirts mayou can utilize, including screen printing in Massachusetts. Local businesses are the stitches that hold a community together and can contribute to the unique style of your city or town. Like most other services, Red Brick Clothing Company can think of a few essential reasons you should consider choosing a local business for custom t-shirts in MA.


Any small business out there like Red Brick Clothing Company pride themselves on being some of the best experts in the field. Unlike some of those national chains, local businesses can often provide the creative assistance and other services to help you create the right design, choose the right garment, and more.


Though ordering online can be convenient at times, there is always a chance that you will need the personal communication of an employee to ensure your order is correct or troubleshoot problems with your order when it arrives. Having accessibility of the internet but the personal touch of a local business is a win-win.

Products made in the USA

Screen printing shops like ours are not sending their designs overseas to be made and then shipped back to our stores. We have a team of qualified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment who will complete your screen printing in our shop.

Local business support

In the age of technology where you can get everything at the click of a mouse, many are missing the customer care local businesses can give. These entrepreneurs are talented, passionate, and excited to work with customers like you who can give back to the local economy and community.

When you consider buying, buy local. Red Brick Clothing Company and other businesses like ours will thank you with superior customer service, products, and overall experience. With more questions, please contact us today by calling (866) 718-4100.