Why DIY Screen Printing is Harder Than It Looks

Posted on July 10, 2016

Discovering new passions or projects you want to pursue is exciting, and Red Brick Clothing company always loves when our customers talk about their custom t-shirts in MA or NH that they happened to make themselves. Screen printing is a fun business to be in, but it is often times depicted as “easy”. We want you to follow whatever makes you happy while explaining why screen printing is not as simple as it looks.

Screens are tricky and expensive. In order to get the best prints possible, it’s best to invest in the real-deal equipment. Not only is this equipment expensive, it can be a difficult process to set up if you never have before.

Layering is pretty elaborate. In order to get some of the best prints possible, clothing is layered with ink to get a specific or desired effect. Screen presses can be harder to work with, and can impact the way your t-shirts turn out if not lined up and used correctly.

Production takes longer than many anticipate. If you’ve created only a few shirts here and there for friends, be weary of promising a large order for someone who might want your business. Professionals have quick turn around times because of their equipment and experience, and not everyone understands the time and tasks that must go into printing.

Quality of a professional is hard to match. If your first time around with a machine doesn’t give you the best prints, don’t be too hard on yourself! Screen printing is an art form, and it takes years to perfect this skill, which is why comparing to screen printing companies can deter you from trying again.

Red Brick Clothing wants you to keep making your custom t-shirts in NH or MA for the fun of it, but when it comes to your bulk order screen printing, come see us. Our professionals can help get your orders completed and shipped out faster than you think. With more questions, call us today at (866) 718-4100.