Best Way to Wash Screen Printed Clothes

Posted on June 20, 2016

Whether you bought custom t-shirts in NH for your employees or for an event, you spent good money on these items! Protecting their quality and integrity means saving yourself money in the long run and Red Brick knows that our customers are hardworking people who saved for this luxury! The first step in saving your screen printed shirts from the inevCustom Art Samples - Navyitable fading is by washing them carefully!

If your shirt isn’t caked in mud, this washing technique is perfect for you. For normally dirty screen printed clothes, turn the clothes inside out and machine wash cold with a gentle cycle. Washing your clothes in cooler water helps prevent fading both of the fabric and printed colors. Also, avoid harsh cleaning detergents or bleach to ensure the best protection for your new favorite shirt.

To prevent shrinking and to keep their great color in another way, we also suggest to tumble dry with low heat! If you’re truly committed to the look and feel of your shirts, allowing them to air-dry will help keep their color for much longer. We also suggest to never iron your screen printed or embroidered areas, and to check other clothes in your load of laundry will not tint or stain your fabrics or vice versa. We’ve all had a red sock ruin a shirt or two in the past!

When you get screen printing completed in Manchester, NH with a company like Red Brick Clothing, you know you’ll be receiving special, one-of-a-kind designs that act as great advertising for your business, event, organization, or more. We want you to enjoy our shirts and other clothing for as long as possible, and can’t wait for you to come back and see us for another order. With more questions about our screen printing or clothing options, please call us today at (866) 718-4100.