Balancing a Branded T-Shirt

Posted on August 16, 2016

In our time at Red Brick Clothing, we’ve expanded our services past t-shirts in NH to custom artwork and design help. The reason we love working with our clients is because they are often best at what they do, and in turn, we offer them the best services in return. Creating shirts and promotional products that are balanced can be tricky for the untrained eye, but we have a few tips for you to follow.

8116 Kearsarge Strategies Logo 2016 Final - Full ColorBrand recognition

If your objective is to promote your business, you have to be sure your design does not overwhelm or hurt the way others see your brand. Many of your decisions regarding both material and style should be based upon the aesthetic you want to give your company.

Quality material

In order to create a product your customers will wear again and again, always be sure to invest just a few dollars extra in materials. Picking the cheapest option might get you more prints, but it doesn’t mean your customers will love the way it feels and might ultimately throw it away.


Your design must be about your business, while also speaking to your audience. A professional can help you find the balance, such as choosing the right shirt style and creating a design that your customers will not feel like they are a walking advertisement for.

Without this balance in your screen printing products in Manchester, NH, your customers might not hold on to or reuse your products as long as you would have hoped. That’s where we come in. We can help you create artwork that not only looks great, but will have your customers wishing they had a few more t-shirts like it in their wardrobe. With more questions, call us today at (866) 718-4100.