5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products in NH

Posted on April 24, 2015

Promotional Products NhFor any small business, using promotional products in NH can be an extremely effective marketing tool. And, at Red Brick Clothing, we offer companies a variety of promotional products that they can have custom made with their logo, graphic design, contact information, or any info that will grab your customer’s attention. Whether you’re looking for custom made pens, caps, coffee mugs, golf balls, or anything in between, we can get them made for you in a timely manner that won’t break the bank.

In a recent survey, 52% of those surveyed reported that they had a more favorable impression of a company after being given a promotional product, and almost 50% reported that they regularly use their promotional product every day.

When a company uses promotional products in NH, they see a variety of marketing and advertising benefits.

  1. Brand recognition – Every business wants their brand to be well known and to stick in the minds of current and potential customers. When you customize a promotional product that a person uses regularly, your business will be front and center when they’re ready to place an order.
  2. Low cost, mass outreach – For many businesses, a large advertising budget is not realistic. For a reasonable cost, your business can have promotional products made that will last for much longer than any paid radio, TV, newspaper, or internet ad.
  3. A unique business card – Business cards will always be essential to the success or failure of a business but promotional products are a fun, practical way to widely share your contact information.
  4. Tactile – Promotional products work because they’re useful. A bottle opener, pen, key chain, or drink koozie, are things people use regularly and the value of your company’s goods or services will be reinforced. They’re also perfect for trade shows too!
  5. Effective marketing platform – Promotional products add some personality to your business’ marketing strategy. They keep your marketing fresh while giving current and potential customers something fun to remember you by.

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